On-line store

Whether you sell by tens or tens of thousands, Webnode is a perfect solution for your business.
We'll handle all the technical operations leaving you free to concentrate on sales, enabling you to manage your e-shop quickly, easily and effectively.

Ready in only 5 minutes

You can start to sell over the Internet within a few minutes. You don't have to install or configure anything. Just register and begin selling immediately.

Modern templates

You can now choose from hundreds of modern templates prepared by internet professionals. There really is something for everyone!

All in one

Content management, hosting, site stats, e‑mail, e‑commerce, blogs, forums, polls, photo galleries, product catalogs, fulltext search, RSS and much more...

Use your own domain

You can run your website under your own domain (e.g. www.anything.com) or register a new domain directly through Webnode.

SEO Marketing

Webnode includes support for Search Engine Optimization and advanced SEO techniques. It automaticaly generates smart URL and site maps.

Detailed business stats

Get a more in depth view of your e-shop. Detailed analysis of customer behaviors, revenues, best selling products or most active customers, etc.

Attract new customers

Begin to use new channels of communication to gain new users. Webnode lets you create business blogs, discussion forums and email marketing campaigns.

Safe and secure

All information about your customers and purchases are stored safely and are secure from abuse. The e-shop can accept payments with credit card via PayPal.


  Free Mini Standard Profi

The disk space on the server available for your website and emails.

10 MB 300 MB 1000 MB 4000 MB

The monthly limit for the traffic on your website.

1 GB per month 3 GB per month 20 GB per month Unlimited bandwidth
Email addresses

The number of email addresses, that you can create in this project if you have your own domain. You can use our web email interface or download your messages using POP3 protocol.

0 1 20 100
Number of products

Maximum number of products you can offer in your store.

10 100 1000 Unlimited
Credit card

Receiving credit card payments from your customers through PayPal services.

Assign own domain

The website can run under your own domain. The domain is not included in the Premium package; you can buy a new one directly from Webnode or assign your existing domain.

Backup and Recovery

The ability to backup and restore your website.

Premium support

Priority support guaranteed.

Form builder

The form editor lets you create and add your own form to your website.

Import and Export products

Import and export multiple products in CSV, XLS or XML format.

Product Feed

Product export for comparison shopping websites will help you with promotion.

Customize footer

The option to edit your website footer (e.g. removing the Webnode link from all pages).

Product variations

Allows you to create variations for each product (e.g. different colors or sizes of the product).

Offline version

An offline version of your website can be downloaded and stored on your computer, or optical disc (CD or DVD etc.).

Password protection

Password protected pages with user management.

Price Free Starting at
US$ 7.95/month
(US$ 95.35/year)
Starting at
US$ 19.95/month
(US$ 238.95/year)
Starting at
US$ 39.95/month
(US$ 476.95/year)

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Start to earn money by selling over the Internet! Your new e-commerce website can be created in only a few minutes. We take care of all the technical, leaving you to concetrante on the commercial. All you need to do is register.
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